R&D Process

Kun Huang is a reputable manufacturer of PU foam materials and products. We collaborate closely with designers, brand owners, and processing plants to deliver distinctive, top-notch products. Our Research and development department not only possesses outstanding compound formulation technology but also actively exchanges development information and knowledge with clients to efficiently create appropriate materials and products for specific markets.

Step1. Gathering requirements and conducting market research.

We begin by understanding the needs of our customers. Our market research team summarizes the information and collects feedback data to provide customers with suggestions and further discuss whether the development is feasible and how to proceed. Once both parties agree, we will proceed with the PU foam material or product development process.

Step2. Collect and analyze information.

Based on customer needs, we analyze the specifications and properties of existing products on the market and samples provided by customers and modify or create formulas tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Step3. Production sample.

We create production samples in our factory sample laboratory based on the discussion results with our customers. These samples allow us to verify whether meet expectations and prevent any issues that could arise during mass production order scheduling.

Step4. Laboratory testing.

Kun Huang conducts to maintain the properties and quality of both sample and mass production, to meet all customer product development and production standards. If the test results fall outside the ideal range, R&D will promptly identify the cause and leverage their extensive development expertise to enhance the prototypes for production.

Step5. Confirm samples.

Once the testing procedure has been completed, we will send samples and a comprehensive test report to assist customers in understanding the potential conditions for further internal testing and discussion. This will effectively address any customer inquiries and confirm material requirements.

Step6. Mass production.

We transfer the development technology to the manufacturing department for mass production and establish complete quality control standards and shipping process guidelines from the QC department to ensure customers have stable quality assurance.

Step7. Logistics planning.

Kun Huang not only specializes in producing high-quality PU foam materials but also offers our customers a comprehensive one-stop service. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, from material selection to product development, design, production, logistics planning, and even packaging image design, to provide the best and most competitive development experience.