Kun Huang is dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. We took proactive measures to ensure compliance with certification standards and passed rigorous inspections by third-party certification systems - INTERTEK and TUV NORD. As a result, they have obtained GRS certification and a carbon footprint certificate to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.


Kun Huang company awarded the "Recycling Group"-an excellent one-star rating.


Developed a new type of PU foam called SHOCKEZE, which possesses both shock absorption and memory functions. This innovative material can be used to enhance the protective gear of military personnel and other individuals requiring protection. Moreover, Kun Huang cooperated with the Miaoli government in the green products plan – the local Industry Innovation Initiative (SBIR).


URBAN BOUNCER is a type of PU foam with an outstanding rebound rate, which has a rebound rate of 15% higher compared to regular PU foams.


Cooperated with FOOT TECHNO as an agent in Japan.


POLIYOU constantly improves its functions and creates products that are more breathable, lightweight, washable, wear-resistant, soft, and resilient.


JACK WOLFSKIN utilizes the water-resistant foam material from POLIYOU.


POLIYOU can add specific functions, while ADIDAS and PUMA have integrated fire-resistant properties into POLIYOU and apply them to their products.


Signed European agency cooperation with SPAPENS TRADING BV


The NIKE JORDAN shoes are made with the POLIYOU material with excellent compression set properties.


The PUMA products are made with the POLIYOU series.


One of the POLIYOU series is compounded with cork and bamboo, which gives it a distinct ability to eliminate odors.


The shoe's upper was created by AND ONE and REEBOK using POLIYOU, a material made of PU foam.


POLIYOU successfully entered the NIKE brand.


Kun Huang successfully obtained the quality certification for ISO-9001: 2015. During that year, POLIYOU became a popular choice for outsole filling.


Expanded reach into new markets and introduced POLIYOU, PU foam material, to nations across the globe.


POLIYOU implemented advanced features that incorporate far infrared technology, making it highly sought-after in the furniture and protective product industries. Furthermore, we have partnerships with renowned brands ECCO and ARBESKO.


In order to enhance productivity and quality control, Kun Huang opened a second factory in Taiwan.


Awarded the title of an honorary manufacturer by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC.


Kun Huang Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded.


Kun Huang officially partnered with Jones & Vining, Inc, the biggest shoe design corporation in the US, to allow the promotion of POLIYOU® AIR INSOLE across 36 countries globally.


The establishment of the Kun Huang factory aimed to enhance the production process and cater to the growing demand for increased production capacity.


POLIYOU® is a remarkable zero-waste PU recycled foam that's crafted from a one-of-a-kind composite material and innovative recycling techniques. This composite technology is exclusively created and produced in Taiwan, obtaining patent and trademark registration.


Founded KUN CHYANG Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the aim of establishing a factory that produces high-quality PU foam materials.


KUN HUANG Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded with the purpose of supplying PU foam materials to shoe factories.


Jinlong Store is a specialized PU foam material cutting and processing manufacturer in furniture, sofa, and suitcase manufacturing.