High Density Polyurethane Foam Sheets


SHOCKEZE is a slow-recovery memory foam with a higher density of 90 to 300 kg/m3 is available in sheets and can be easily thermo-molded. The unique feature of SHOCKEZE memory foam sheets is the perfect balance of viscosity (memory feature) and elasticity (good support) to have shock-absorbing properties yet with an excellent compression set that can evenly distribute and release the pressure when taking the impact of external forces; the foam will slowly return to its original form.

SHOCKEZE often used as protective foam as a cushioning layer for the protective gears, not only provides comfort but also fortifies the impact resistance of the device and it can be used for bulletproof vests, industrial helmets, and extreme sports protection also widely available for protecting delicate high-tech equipment, machinery, and other protective applications.

SHOCKEZE Memory Foam Features

  • Excellent Shock-Absorption Ability
  • Impact Resistant
  • Slow-Recovery Memory
  • Evenly-Distribute the Force
  • Pressure-releasing