Foam Materials

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  • A recycled foam material that produces net-zero emissions A distinctive formulation technique allows for incorporating up to 85% recycled foam materials, effectively addressing hydrolysis to extend the product's life cycle and reduce foam waste.

  • Popular open-cell foam with exceptional functionality POLIPLUS HYBRID is a non-toxic material made from MDI, featuring a lightweight, breathable, and compressible design. It can be easily combined with various foam materials for added versatility.

  • Slow-recovery foam material To create high-performance protective products by combining shock absorption, impact resistance, and cushioning functions.

  • Enhance added value, Custom PU Foam Formulae We offer tailor-made formulas that cater to customers' unique foam material and product requirements in specific markets and applications.

  • Utilized a combination of different materials to enhance the overall performance of the product We produce composite foam materials tailored to our customer's specifications using various materials, including PU foam, EVA foam, Rubber, PE board, and PP plastic board. This allows us to improve the foam's properties and make it adaptable to numerous markets.