About Kun Huang

Kun Huang is committed to environmental protection by implementing a zero-waste production process for PU foam materials/products. This method reduces limited energy consumption, minimizes carbon dioxide emissions, ensures proper waste disposal according to international environmental regulations, and manufactures materials/products that meet market demands. Furthermore, we focus on personnel training, guaranteeing employee benefits, and improving job opportunities. Kun Huang establishes comprehensive training and internal exchange platform to achieve sustainable enterprise development.

Kun Huang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Kun Huang, a professional Polyurethane (PU) foam material manufacturer, was founded in Miaoli, Taiwan 1962. Our team is involved in every step of the process, from conception and research to development, design, and production, which allows us to maintain strict quality standards and ensure the stability of our PU foam materials and products. We began in the footwear industry, developing a 100% breathable and comfortable recycled PU foam insole in 1987. This innovative product was well-received by many well-known brands.

We have rich experience in customization and development, and we offer OEM, ODM, and JDM services to cater to our customer's specific needs. We have developed various characteristics such as shock absorption, memory foam, comfort, breathability, and antibacterial. Also, we strive towards a zero-carbon footprint and have several trademarks, including POLIYOU, POLISPORT, POLIMAX, and more.

Thanks to our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, we have maintained long-term relationships with our clients, spanning various markets, including medical, leisure and lifestyle, fitness and sports, and even military protective gear.

Kun Huang is capable of offering the following:

  • Customized production of PU foam material
  • Foam conversion.
  • Skive, trimming, and die-cutting services
  • Lamination stitching and assembly services
  • Thermoforming and thermo-molding
  • Screen printing, heat-transfer printing, embossing, and other printing services
  • Customized retailer packaging services.