Open Cell Polyurethane Foam

Open-celled polyurethane foam, also known as open-cell PU foam, is a type of foam material characterized by its structure of interconnected pores, which are not completely enclosed. This structure gives the foam its distinctive properties, making it useful in a variety of applications.

 Open-Celled PU Foam Advantage

  • Excellent ventilation: Tested to be 100% ventilated using CNS1357 (Type A) testing method.
  • Moisture absorption: The moisture absorption is over 475% with the CNS 7819 testing method.
  • Excellent compression set: The compression set value is below 25% using the ASTM-D395 (50±1°Cx6Hr) testing method.
  • Easy to process: This open-celled polyurethane foam can easily be molded and laminated with different materials to enhance its physical properties. It is very versatile to be considered part of the composite material choices.
  • Weatherability: Can withstand temperatures between -25°C to 250°C and retain its physical properties. It can be used in various applications.
  • Biobased ingredient: Can also incorporate up to 30% of the biobased materials into its compound to replace traditional fossil-based materials.

What is POLIYOU?

POLIYOU open-celled polyurethane foam is an antimicrobial foam with excellent ventilation properties and the anti-bacterial function of its unique natural characteristic. With our patent formulation, POLIYOU material has enhanced the hydrolysis resistance, superior compression set, and excellent energy return property. Different additives can also strengthen our formula to obtain specific properties and applications.

Is POLIYOU Polyurethane Foam Eco-Friendly?

POLIYOU open-celled foam is an eco-friendly polyurethane foam that can be recycled and reproduced repeatedly, physical and chemical recycling methods are applied in production, we reclaimed the foam from post-consumer furniture and other pre-consumer foam-related products to produce this antimicrobial polyurethane foam; In 2022, Kun Huang collaborated with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) on the Net Zero Emission project to certify that our POLIYOU consists of 85% recycled material and that the carbon emission of our POLIYOU is only 1.46kg for each kilogram of POLIYOU produced. It is ten times lower than making traditional polyurethane foam. We also granted the GRS 4.0 (Global Recycle Standard) certificate for the POLIYOU material.

POLI means polymer; A polymer is a material consisting of large molecules composed of many repeating subunits. YOU means linking you and us with a strong bond like the polymer on this precious globe we live on. We you-nify (unify) with Mother Nature for more than four decades, and we are committed to being a sustainable and eco-friendly company, not just following the trends; the recent global event suggests that global warming is surging at a critical point that we, the earth residents, need to act immediately.