SHOCKEZE Military Foams for HTTI Abrasion Impact-Resistant Pad

SHOCKEZE is a high-performance composite PU mil-spec foam with high-density, low rebound, and high Shock-absorbing, excellent compression resistance (no deformation under long-term pressure) that can absorb and disperse external impact. SHOCKEZE military foam replaces traditional foam and EVA, making the body surface of the bulletproof vest softer and more comfortable, can instantly absorb high-speed and high energy and cushion the impact of bullets. Except used bulletproof vests also be used in military-standard backpacks, and high-priced equipment boxes, gun disassembly & maintenance work mats, instrument buffer materials, bulletproof kits, bulletproof briefcases and other products. This mil-spec foam hit has been recognized by foreign military and police customers and this is the most suitable [high-density soft foam] for military equipment.

The R&D team from Kun Huang continued to research, develop and verify, and finally completed the finalization of SHOCKEZE® and products, entered the international market, and was published in Japan's [Strike And Tactical magazine] in March 2024.