Mute, Shock Absorbing Mats – FOAMUTECH (2020)

The perfect blend of recyclable and sustainable foam mixed with EVA and Rubber to cater to different needs.

Kun Huang has recently developed sound and shock-absorbing mat based on the concept from ECO friendly and Green. Kun Huang has made breakthroughs in the leftover materials (including fabric/glue) in the factory. It does not need to be soaked in chemicals to reduce environmental pollution. It adopts a unique production process. The scraps containing fabric and glue can be directly put into the recycling channel and reborn into ECO friendly and functional sound and shock-absorbing mat and sound-insulating materials.

FOAMUTECH features:

  • Free from heavy metals and formaldehyde, the production process does not harm people.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • Exceptional compression resistance reaches below 30%.
  • Highly resistant to hydrolysis, making it challenging to age.
  • Contains long-acting anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents.
  • Customizable hardness and density.
  • MIT Quality Assurance
  • Certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) international recycling certification.
  • FOAMUTECH's construction method is superior to traditional processes, making operating more straightforward.
  • Lightweight.
  • Special fire protection requirements can be added.
  • Applications: wooden floors, floor sound absorption, sound insulation of music classrooms/recording studios, old house renovation/secondary construction, gym exercise mats, and home repair DIY.

Available combinations:

  • EVA + Rubber + PU
  • PU + Foil
  • 100% PU
  • PU + Rubber mat

How to use FOAMUTECH with wooden floors
Upper layer: Wood floor
Middle layer: FOAMUTECH
Bottom layer: Cement floor.