POLIMAX - an innovative ECO Breathable Foam

The revolutionary technique in PU foaming restructures the molecular geometry for complete functionality of 100% breathability, softness, and coziness.

POLIMAX uses hi-tech macromolecules, and an eco-friendly, non-toxic MDI foaming technique makes it exceptional in its performance. It boasts better breathability, lightness, water-washability, anti-abrasion, softness, and elasticity than traditional PU foaming materials. Additionally, POLIMAX offers advanced features with charcoal, infrared, and anti-bacterial chemicals for odor-free, anti-bacterial, breathable, and perspiration-free insoles that keep your feet dry and comfortable.

POLIMAX Features:

  1. An eco-friendly (Green) product without toxic heavy metals.
  2. 95-100% breathability (Test method CNS 1357 P3007:2008 TYPE-B).
  3. Humidity absorption, perspiration-free, and outstanding humidity transmission/removal for dry and comfortable feet.
  4. Softness, coziness, and excellent elasticity.
  5. Excellent anti-compression for deformation-free long-term wear.
  6. Excellent foothold supports the unprecedented coziness of foot-arch.
  7. Water-washable for neutral cleanser and renewable in appearance.
  8. The light material makes your step carefree without an extra burden on your feet.
  9. Anti-abrasion feature results in damage-free long-term walking.
  10. Hydrolysis-free feature results in non-deterioration by humidity in shoes.

POLIMAX Specification

Test Item Unit Standard Method Test
KC1110 KC1120
Hardness 701N 10±4D 20±4D ASTM 2240
Thickness mm ±0.3 ±0.3  
Tensile Strength Kg/cm2 3 ↑ 4.5 ↑ CNS 3553
500mm/min TYPE #2
Elongation % 100 ↑ 75 ↑ CNS 3553
500mm/min TYPE #2
Tear Strength Kg/cm 1.3 ↑ 1.5 ↑ CNS 3559
500mm/min TYPE #B
Specific Gravity
G/cm3 0.10-0.12 0.10-0.12 Gmv/Weight
Compression set % 10 ↓ 10 ↓ CNS 3560
50±1° x 6hr
Shrinkage % 1 ↓ 1 ↓ CNS 3560
70±1° x 1hr
Air permeability Sec/ml 8.7 8.7 CNS 1357 Type-B