Introducing the POLIYOU Series: Water-Resistant PU Foam Material

Water-Resistant PU Foam Material is a revolutionary product created with innovative and unique technology. Unlike traditional non-wicking PU sponges based on TDI, our product uses a safer alternative, MDI (Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate), to create a safer workplace for laborers. We are also committed to sustainability by recycling waste from our manufacturers and incorporating 70% recycled PU foam and 30% virgin PU foam to produce our water-resistant PU foam.

Water Resistant PU Foam offers a range of benefits, including

  1. Superior moisture transport,
  2. Outstanding compression set
  3. Inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria.
  4. Use 30% Soybean Oil instead of a petrochemical PU binder
  5. 100% breathable
  6. Controls odors with activated charcoal
  7. Provide excellent cushioning
  8. Retains the same benefits of classic POLIYOU®

Water Resistant PU Foam Specification

Item Hardness Thickness Tensile Strength Elongation Tear Strength Specific Gravity Compression set Shrinkage
Unit Type C mm Kg/cm2 % Kg/cm G/cm3 % %
Method ASTM 2240 CNS 3553 CNS3553 CNS3553 CNS 3559 G/m3 CNS 3560 CNS 3560
Result 25±3 ±0.5 2.2 ↑ 35 ↑ 1.1 ↑ 0.2±0.02 20 ↓ 5 ↓