Custom Polyurethane Foam

Customized formulae

Kun Huang’s research and development team is devoted to creating eco-friendly polyurethane foam and specializing in specialty formulae catered to our customer’s needs. With the customized formulation, our foam can be applied in different markets, such as the furniture, automotive, medical, and electronics industries.

.ESD (Electrostatic discharge) Foam
Our ESD foam is designed to reduce static electricity to protect against damage to electrostatic-sensitive devices. They are available in two grades.
Anti-Static:1x104Ω – 1x108Ω
Conductive:1x104 Ω – 35x106
Kun Huang can combine the specially treated fabrics with our ESD PU foam to enhance the function for various applications. The ESD compound can also be made fireproof to prevent the accidental ignition of flammable liquids or gases.
.Flame Retardant  Foam
Our PU foam formula can be modified to conform with the flammability test CNS 7614 A3125 (83.6.37) to reach flame prevention level 2. Flammability is one of the most critical factors in ensuring product/user safety in the foam material industry. We can also formulate our polyurethane foam compound to meet the requirements of UL94HF1/HBF and FMVSS.302.
.Far Infrared  Foam
Our PU foam can incorporate FIR (Far Infrared) additives to have an FIR Emissivity of 83.3%. The emissivity measured value above 80% has several health benefits, including Improving blood circulation and helping balance body metabolism, which makes our PU foam suitable for health and medical applications.
.Water-Resistant (Anti-Siphon)  Foam
Our formula can also be catered to be water-resistant. This unique formula can retain the excellent ventilation feature and provide an anti-siphon effect to keep the water out.
.Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal  Foam
We use the highest grade of an anti-bacterial agent in our polyurethane foam. The PU foam conforms to the ASTM G21 standard, and the foam material treated with antibacterial additives will stay fresh, clean, and odor-free for a more extended period.