Two Component Polyurethane Foam


POLIPLUS HYBRID is an MDI (Methylene diphenyl Diisocyanate) open-cell two-component polyurethane foam with 60-140 kg/m3 densities. The PU foam made with MDI is non-toxic and harmful heavy metal free compared to TDI-based polyurethane foam.

Our 2 component polyurethane foam is lightweight and with excellent ventilation features and anti-hydrolysis and can also be formulated with rubber to enhance the compression set, rebound, and deflection with up to 30% of recycled rubber to enhance the breathability of the PU foam material.

The latest development from Kun Huang is the Urban Bouncer material, with an open cell structure like the soft sponge but with a rebound of up to 60%; it can be used for the support material or the die ejection. We are still exploring more applications. Discover with us.