Composite Foam

Composite Foam

Kun Huang not only focuses on developing unique polyurethane foam formulae but is experienced in creating composite materials using our polyurethane foam and other materials to enhance the physical properties of the materials. In some projects, the composite material is made for particular applications to become stronger, lighter, or more electricity resistant.

Combining shock-absorption PU foam with cut-resistant and puncture-resistant fabrics is used in military-grade protective equipment; Tactical protective balaclava for military application is engineered with cut-resistance fabric that meets EN388 level 5, and our shock absorption PU foam that conforms to EN1621-1 level 1 impact resistance. PU foam with ceramic plates for bulletproof vests; We also combine cushioning PU foam with multiple layers of abrasion-resistant fabric to meet the EN 14404 standards for knee protection.

Kun Huang’s polyurethane foam materials can also apply to products of our daily life, for instance, recycled EVA foam and PU foam to create indoor soundproof walls; combining rubber and PU foam as safety mats for outdoor playgrounds, like our Foamutech, which is a unique invention that uses recycled POLIYOU foam material that contains recycled fabrics and other plastic particles; This recycling process does not need to separate the laminated materials, which can save a lot of processing and water waste. Our composite materials utilize support panels made of cushioning PU foam and PE plastic for backpacks and backrest products.

We offer various composite materials, including

.EVA Foam
.Injection Foam
.PE Foam
.IXPE Foam
.Fabrics, such as abrasion-resistant fabric, puncture-resistant fabric, and PIQUE/BK/PK fabric
.PP/PE plastic board
.Carbon fiber sheet
.Ceramic plate
.Foil piece
.Other materials

Kun Huang has a top-notch research and development team, professional 3D graphic designers, and experienced development professionals, allowing us to provide comprehensive development services and create top-quality products for diverse markets. If you have any projects you'd like to develop, please contact us anytime.